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How to advance your career - by SciDev.Net
  • 24.10.2016
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How to advance your career in science?

SciDevNet conducted a survey of researchers from all over the world about their biggest challenges they face, their advice and pitfalls to avoid
Rohstoff-Handel Anlass 20.9. 2016
  • 19.10.2016
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Transparency in commodities trading: Options for action at the international level and in Switzerland

KFPE was co-organiser of this event, taking place 20 September 2016. The event was meant to provide an overview and stimulate dialogue about potential courses of action and solutions at both international and national level, while also providing different stakeholders (science, industry, NGOs and Members of Parliament) with an opportunity to share their views.
  • 17.10.2016
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New report by the Land Matrix initiative

Around the world, 26.7 million hectares of agricultural land have been transferred into the hands of foreign investors since the year 2000.
  • 17.10.2016
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CALL: Indo-Swiss Collaborative Research on Climate Science and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Indian Himalayan Region (2017-20)

The goal of the research is to develop scientific evidence to inform and increase knowledge on impacts of and vulnerability to climate change of the Himalayan socio-ecological systems.
Sri Lanka - Malaria
  • 27.09.2016
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Sri Lanka eliminates malaria with shift in strategy

Sri Lanka shows that eliminating malaria demands a concerted plan including parasite surveillance.
  • 23.09.2016
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The World Social Science Report: Challenging Inequalities – Pathways to a Just World

The World Social Science Report 2016 warns that unchecked inequalities could jeopardize the sustainability of economies, societies and communities, undermining efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.
  • 22.09.2016
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A Resilient Future - Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

Massive Open Online Course: Discover how science and technology help us reduce disaster risk and increase resilience - starts November 5
  • 21.09.2016
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International Migration Outlook 2016

The 2016 edition of the International Migration Outlook analyses recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and selected non-OECD countries, and looks at the evolution of the labour market outcomes of recent immigrants in OECD countries.
  • 20.09.2016
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Accessing, sharing and using genetic resources: Two Academies Reports published

Two new Swiss Academies Reports present a toolbox (2016/3) and good practice guidelines (2016/4) for researchers and research managers alike.
socio-economic atlas of key
  • 16.09.2016
  • Annonce

Socio-Economic Atlas of Kenya available online

The combination of geographic and socio-economic data enables policymakers at all levels, development experts, and other interested readers to gain a spatial understanding of dynamics affecting Kenya.
International Panel on Social Progress
  • 02.09.2016
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Rethinking Society for the 21st Century

The International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) wants to inspire the public to imagine answers to the challenges and transformations of our times.
  • 29.08.2016
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Higher education forum for the global South launched

In a promising moment for cross-continental tertiary learning, 20 August saw the Higher Education Forum for Africa, Asia and Latin America (HEFAALA) launched in Durban before 60 delegates from 18 nations.
  • 20.08.2016
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Horizon 2020 topics suitable for International Cooperation

Below find topics from Societal Challenges 2 and 5 that fit the criteria identified by the Commission as suitable for international cooperation, with details about priority countries or regions.
Peter Messerli at UN
  • 17.08.2016
  • Annonce

Peter Messerli and Guéladio Cissé at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Peter Messerli represented Swiss science at this year’s United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York. The Forum is expected to provide political leadership, guidance, and recommendations on implementation and follow-up of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • 15.08.2016
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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists for the 2017–2018 Academic Year

Each year the Swiss Confederation awards Government Excellence Scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries.
Titel SciDevNet
  • 08.08.2016
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Institutional bias deters interdisciplinary research

We must remove the barriers stopping scientists from straying outside their discipline, summit hears.
SDG-Report 2016
  • 29.07.2016
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Progress Report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The first progress report to track the SDGs was launched 20 July, with the most up-to-date statistics on poverty, hunger, education and sanitation.
Des matières premières profitables aux pays en développement
  • 2016
  • Académies suisses des sciences
  • Fiche d'information

Des matières premières profitables aux pays en développement - Impacts locaux, connexions globales et lacunes de connaissances

En complément d’un précédent factsheet consacré au rôle de la Suisse, plaque tournante de ce négoce, nous examinons ici les questions qui se posent dans les pays en développement, et notamment
des approches prometteuses dans la recherche et la politique, aussi bien pour les gouvernements de ces
pays que les entreprises impliquées, les places boursières et la communauté internationale.
La Suisse et le négoce des matières premières
  • 2016
  • Commission suisse pour le partenariat scientifique avec les pays en développement
  • ProClim
  • Académies suisses des sciences
  • Fiche d'information

La Suisse et le négoce des matières premières – Etat des lieux et perspectives

Nous exposons ici les enjeux majeurs, les lacunes de connaissances et les questions qui se posent quant au rôle de la Suisse et à sa responsabilité en tant que plateforme centrale de ce négoce. Enfin, nous suggérons quelques voies possibles pour la recherche et la politique.

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