Commission suisse d'hydrologie (CHy)

La Commission suisse d'hydrologie CHy a pour but de coordonner et de représenter les intérêts de l'hydrologie suisse dans les comités et organisations nationales et internationales.


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Foresight Report Hydrological Research in Switzerland
  • 2013

Foresight Report Hydrological Research in Switzerland

This report is an element in the process to identify future research challenges
for hydrology in Switzerland. It has been accepted in the present
form by the Swiss Hydrological Commission (CHy).
CHy considers this report a suitable basis for the formulation of a
roadmap for next steps in the process.
Given the complexity of the topic, the diversity of approaches, the dynamics
of hydrological research, and the limited resources for the editing
of this report, CHy is aware that the content of the report may not be
complete and balanced in all details.